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Stay KUVered stay protected.
Customizable Rugged iPad cases for Students, Schools, Universities, Corporations, and Hospitality.

KKuvs cases offer:

  • Lightweight Rugged Construction
  • 5 foot drop protection
  • Silicon shell with clip on stand
  • Polycarbonate frame with integrated Screen Protection
  • 8 Customizable Color Combinations
  • Free 2 Day Shipping

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The Klover iPad case is customizable. Choose from 8 different colors to create your own unique case to reflect your personality or school colors.



Our Klover iPad case can withstand a 6 foot drop and land on its feet ready to go. Protect your
investment with a K Kuv iPad case.



Rugged & affordable! The klover iPad case cost much less than the competitors, while still offering the same day to day wear and tear protection.

We designed our rugged iPad cases to be customizable at an affordable price.

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K Kuvs® was established with the simple desire to craft a rugged, customizable, and affordable iPad case solution for Students, Schools, Universities, Corporations and Hospitality accounts nationwide.

The beauty of K Kuvs and our case “the Klover” is the thought process behind it’s creation. We design to stand alone from the competition and give our customer a high quality, uniquely designed protective case for their mobile device with several buying options at an affordable price.

K Kuv iPad Case Features

And a ridiculous amount of them


    • Compatibility:  iPad Gen 2,3,4 (Does not fit iPad Air)
    • EzeeTM Grip Ergonomic Design
    • Slim and Lightweight
    • Inner Cells for Shock Absorption
    • Square cornered air pocket design for impact resistance
    • Speaker Perforations
    • Raised front bumpers for added screen protection
    • Covered ports and buttons
    • Multiple silicone textures with embossed honeycomb accents
    • Color Customizable

    • detachable workstand
    • Anti-skid
    • Ezee lockTM mechanism
    • Multiple portrait and landscape viewing angels
    • Comes in a variety of colors

    If you choose the Screen Protector option; the screen protector is sealed into the inner plastic colored housing of your choice. It provides an extra layer of protection to keep dirt, grime, and small splashes from being able to come between your iPad and the case.

    • Anti-glare
    • scratch and smudge resistant
    • Matte finish/ high strength
    • Bubble free
    • Touch-responsive
    • Interchangeable
    • Slide on design
    • Kustomizable
    • Comes in a variety of colors

For More about the Klover, read about Our Story.

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See what others are saying about the K Kuvs Klover



“The Kkuv’s Klover iPad Case provides a great level of protection while keeping a fairly low profile. Combined with its stylized look and custom color configurations the Klover has a lot to offer at just a fraction of the price when compared to its competitors.”
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Cult Of Mac

Cult Of Mac

“The K Kuvs Klover iPad Case is a strong contender for just as much protection for almost half the price of comparable cases.”
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Run Around Tech

Run Around Tech

The KKUVS Klover Case is an affordable, protective, easy to install iPad case that works with the iPad 2, 3 and 4. Available in several colors, the Klover Case should appeal to just about anyone looking for a maximum protective iPad case that won’t break the bank. 4 out of 5 stars.
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“…a best case scenario for tough affordable everyday protection…
4.5 out of 5 stars”
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Educational Institutions

Customize the Klover for your Institution and Students


Our sleek, light-weight, functional and rugged iPad case was created for students to withstand wear and tear of everyday use with a focus on k 7-12, colleges and universities worldwide. Made for customizable durability in mind, your institution can have cases made to order with your school’s colors.


THE KLOVER- A specifically designed case for students who take their device off campus and desire durability, yet functionality. It is rugged enough for any outdoor activity, yet protects the schools or students investment of their mobile device.



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